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Mold Removal Experts

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Serving Rocky Mountain Region

Serving the Entire Rocky Mountain Region

Identify Isolate and Eliminate Moisture

Identify, Isolate, and Eliminate Moisture

RMRC Services Inc. strives to deliver a level of quality and professionalism unsurpassed in the industry, and will do what it takes to become your vendor of choice in the bio-hazard recovery field. We are listed with the American Bio-Recovery Association, as well as certified by the Certified Mold Inspection and Remediation Institute, and are licensed as general contractors in the State of Colorado.

We serve the entire Rocky Mountain Region in Colorado and Beyond! We offer 24 hour, regulatory compliant, on-site cleaning, decontamination, and restoration of property damaged by mold, blood, bodily fluids, decomposition or animal contamination. We use the latest innovations in testing equipment, fiber optics, hidden moisture meters, hydrometers and air-o-cell air sampling pumps, to ensure that all mold sources are identified. The lab that we use has over 27 years of experience identifying mold samples.

Getting rid of the moisture problem is paramount to eliminating mold growth! We specialize in identifying, isolating and eliminating the source of moisture that allows mold to propagate. In the clean up of a contaminated area, containment and home owner safety are our utmost concerns. We use only EPA approved chemicals to clean and protect your home and belongings. Only state of the art confinement and filtration technologies will be utilized.

You Can Count On Us

RMRC Services Inc. are dedicated to the exposure, remediation and prevention of toxic mold. We provide professional services for mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation and preventive maintenance to keep mold from developing.


We are committed to treating our customers with honesty, kindness, professionalism and respect.


RMRC Services Inc. are here to provide you with professional services:


  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mildew Remediation
  • Mold Prevention & Maintenance
  • Toxic Black Mold Discovery


The inspection and testing process will determine if you have any species of toxic mold (i.e. any fungal species known to produce mycotoxins). RMRC Services Inc. offer professional help to rid your buildings of all molds whether they be black, white, green etc., and to advise you on procedures to help deter them from coming back. Call us today!

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