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The mission of the United States Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and the environment.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution:
An Introduction for Health Professionals
Environmental Protection Agency

Indoor air pollution poses many challenges to the health professional. This booklet offers an overview of those challenges, focusing on acute conditions, with patterns that point to particular agents and suggestions for appropriate remedial action.

This booklet is co-sponsored by: The American Lung Association (ALA), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and The American Medical Association (AMA)

Mold Resources

Mold Resources
Environmental Protection Agency

This webpage, created by the Environmental Protection Agency, provides various mold resources including an introduction to mold and basic mold cleanup, “Ten Things You Should Know About Mold”, “Asthma and Mold”, “Floods/Flooding”, “Health and Mold”, “Homes and Mold”, “Indoor Air Regulations and Mold”, “Large Buildings and Mold”, “Schools and Mold and Indoor Air Quality”, and “Publications”

Mold and Moisture in Your Home

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home
Environmental Protection Agency

This Guide provides information and guidance for homeowners and renters on how to clean up residential mold problems and how to prevent mold growth.


Mold Resource Center

Mold Resource Center
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC’s Mold Web site provides information on mold and health, an inventory of state indoor air quality programs, advice on assessment, cleanup efforts, and prevention of mold growth, and links to resources.

Mold Cleanup and Remediation

Mold Cleanup and Remediation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

On this page you can find fact sheets from CDC and EPA on mold cleanup, removal and remediation.

National Institute for Occupantional Safety and Health

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Providing National and World Leadership to Prevent Workplace Illnesses and Injuries


NIEHS - Mold

Mold Information
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is one of 27 research institutes and centers that comprise the National Institutes of Health (NIH), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The mission of the NIEHS is to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives.

Mold and Human Health

Health Effects of Indoor Mold
NC Department of Health and Human Services

Information provided by North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services related to Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology as it relates to Mold and the Health Effects of Indoor Mold..


Flood Cleanup

Flood Clean-Up: General Guides for Clothes and Household Textiles
National Ag Safety Database (NASD) – University of Illinois Extension

Floodwaters that have passed through homes and other buildings generate health and safety concerns. Many clothing items and household articles that have been submerged may not be safe or worth the time, effort and money to try to make useable again and should be discarded. Other items may be salvageable. Remember, it is best to assume that anything touched by floodwater is contaminated.

Molds - Your Safe Home

Molds – Your Safe Home
University of Minnesota | Extension

Information from the University of Minnesota | Extension relating to mold in our homes. By Wanda Olson and McGregor Pearce (2011).

Mositure in Basements

Moisture in Basements: Causes and Solutions
University of Minnesota | Extension

Information from the University of Minnesota | Extension relating to moisture in basements. By John Carmody and Brent Anderson (2006).

Flood Information

Coping With Floods
North Dakota State University

Information provided by the North Dakota State University relating to floods including flood recovery checklists, inspecting homes after floods, and water damage clean up tips.



The Aspergillus Website is a worldwide comprehensive resource providing detailed information about the fungus Aspergillus and the diseases it can cause, these are usually called aspergillosis. This site is free to use and provides an encyclopedia of Aspergillus for doctors, scientists, patients and their relatives. Some parts of the site require free registration, for example the image bank.
The Aspergillus Website is governed by the Fungal Infection Trust in partnership with the University of Manchester. It has an independent Editorial Board. It is supported by educational grants from the UK National health Service and some commercial supporters.

Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds

Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds
American Academy of Pediatrics

This statement describes molds, their toxic properties, and their potential for causing toxic respiratory problems in infants. Guidelines for pediatricians are given to help reduce exposures to mold in homes of infants. This is a rapidly evolving area and more research is ongoing..

Indoor Air Quality Program

Indoor Air Quality Program
California Department of Public Health

The State of California Department of Public Health contains the first State Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program established in the nation.  Its mission is to conduct research studies related to the causes and control of indoor air pollution in California.  It coordinates activities on IAQ among key government agencies, academic institutions, and industry stakeholders through the California Interagency Working Group on IAQ.  It also provides technical guidance on behalf of the Department on proposed legislation, regulations, and professional standards, as well as to local health agencies and the public.  Its interdisciplinary staff currently includes five full time research scientists and chemists.

Mesothelioma Guide

An advocacy organization dedicated to helping patients diagnosed with asbestos illnesses.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer and very few treat it. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos particles and affects the lining of the lungs, heart, and abdomen. Asbestos is commonly found in older homes in insulation, pipe coverings, and wire coverings. It can be released into the air when these materials are disturbed or not recycled properly. We specialize in connecting patients with doctors and treatment options that are best suited for them. Our services and resources are 100% free to patients and family members.


American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygiensts

ACGIH is a member-based organization that advances occupational and environmental health.

American Board of Industrial Hygiene

American Board of Industrial Hygiene

Since 1960, the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) has been the world’s largest, organization for certifying professionals in the practice of industrial hygiene. The ABIH administers the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) credential, which is a means to objectively assess and measure the professional knowledge and understanding of practitioners engaged in the specialty of industrial hygiene. The mission of the ABIH is that the CIH credential is globally recognized as the premier standard of professional competence in Industrial Hygiene / Occupational Health & Safety.

American Council for Accredited Certification

American Council for Accredited Certification

Founded in 1992, The Certification Council is North America’s oldest and most prestigious certifying body dedicated to indoor air quality. The Certification Council offers consultation services in the field of professional development in certification. ACAC (formerly known as the American Indoor Air Quality Council) is a dba of The Certification Council, and provides certifications in infection control, microbial, indoor environmental and other IAQ-related fields.

American Lung Association

American Lung Association

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through Education, Advocacy and Research. With the generous support of the public, we are “Fighting for Air.” When you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, you help save lives today and keep America healthy tomorrow.

Indoor Air Quality Association

Indoor Air Quality Association

IAQA’s membership comprises individuals and companies, including contractors, consultants, facility maintenance professionals, industry vendors, school officials, and representatives from state and federal government agencies.

Indoor Environmental Standards Organization

Indoor Environmental Standards Organization

The Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of consensus-based standards that provide solutions for healthy indoor environments. IESO is an accredited standards development organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). IESO was founded in 2002 and maintains a headquarters in Rockville, MD.

National Air Duct Cleaners Assocaiation

National Air Duct Cleaners Association

NADCA: The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association, otherwise known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), was formed in 1989 as a non-profit association of companies engaged in the cleaning of HVAC systems. Its mission was to promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning and to establish industry standards for the association.

NADCA has expanded its mission to include the representation of qualified companies engaged in the inspection, cleaning and restoration of HVAC systems. NADCA supports members’ success with standards, education, certification, marketing and advocacy to promote the highest quality and ethical services. The goal of the association is for its members to be the number one source for consumers and other entities seeking HVAC inspection, cleaning and restoration services, and air duct cleaning.


The American Industrial Hygiene Association

Founded in 1939, AIHA is a nonprofit organization devoted to achieving and maintaining the highest professional standards for its members. More than half of 10,000 members are certified industrial hygienists (CIHs), and many hold other professional designations. AIHA administers comprehensive education programs that keep occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals current in the field of industrial hygiene. AIHA is one of the largest international associations serving OEHS professionals practicing industrial hygiene and is a resource for those in large corporations, small businesses and who work independently as consultants.



EmLab P&K
A TestAmerica Company

EMLab P&K is the leading commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) laboratory in North America, specializing in the analysis of air and surface samples for mold (fungi), asbestos, bacteria, radon, and allergens. We are affiliated with TestAmerica Laboratories Inc., recognized as the nation’s leading environmental testing firm. With over 30 years experience in fungi and bioaerosol analysis, EMLab P&K has helped shape the IAQ industry. We maintain AIHA-LAP LLC, NVLAP, and CA-ELAP accreditations with a goal of providing the highest quality analysis and service in the industry. We support a diversified client base including IAQ consultants, industrial hygienists, environmental specialists, mold remediation and HVAC contractors, hospitals and medical professionals, building owners and commercial property managers, home inspectors, engineering and construction firms, and insurance, real estate, and legal professionals. Clients also include government and university researchers as well as federal, state, and local government health departments throughout the United States.

BioShield Tech

BioShield Tech

After years of experience in the healthcare industry, the founder of Bio Shield Tech recognized a need for safe, effective, reliable personal protection products to help reduce levels of destructive bacteria in critical care environments. Launched in 2005, the company’s mission is simple: to promote clean, hygienic environments for consumers, patients, and medical personnel.

PCA - America's Cement Manufacturer's

Portland Cement Association (PCA)
America’s Cement Manufacturers

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) is a powerful and vocal advocate for sustainability, jobs creation, economic growth, infrastructure investment, and overall innovation and excellence in construction throughout the U.S.

Mold and the Insurance Industry

Mold and the Insurance Industry
Van Wyhe Group

Insurance CE offers their extensive experience with informational articles to guide you through common pitfalls of commercial insurance. Get support with issues such as claims-made pointers, mold litigation, intellectual property rights and understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Articles include What is Mold, Mold Litigation, Mold: EO Pointers, Mold: The Exclusions, Mold: The Industry Response, Mold: Why Now, and The Mold Problem.


3 Ways to Kill Mold Naturally

2 Ways to Kill Mold Naturally
care2 | Annie B. Bond | June 20, 2009

Beware the Mold Stachybotrys

Beware the Mold Stachybotrys

Indoor Environmental Connections News
Indoor Environmental Connections

National Institute of Environmnetal Heal Sciences

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences News


Fun Facts About Fungi

Fun Facts About Fungi
Utah State University Intermountain Herbarium

We find fungi so fascinating that we wanted to share some fun facts about fungi with you. Fungi both cure and cause disease. They determine what plants grow in your yard and in forests, and keep us from being buried in waste. Some fungi taste great –others can kill you!

About Fungi

About Fungi
Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

Fungi are important organisms and so distinct from plants and animals that they have been allotted a ‘kingdom’ of their own in our classifications of life on earth.

What is Fungus?

What is fungus? What are fungi?
Medical News Today (MNT)

Fungi (Singular: fungus) are classified within their own kingdom – The Kingdom Fungi, while some are in The Kingdom Protista. A fungus is neither a plant nor an animal. It is similar to a plant, but it has no chlorophyll and cannot make its own food like a plant can through photosynthesis. They get their food by absorbing nutrients from their surroundings.



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