Crawl Space

We offer the following technologies to improve your home’s defenses against mold:


With the use of structural wood floors increasing over the last few years, the need for a vapor barrier system to protect your health as well as your home is of utmost importance. At RMRC Services Inc. we have worked extensively with local builders and engineering firms to develop a state of the art system. That is being installed in new construction as well as existing homes. We start with a 10mil PVC product called Vapor Block, it is designed specifically for this application, and comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. All seams are overlapped and sealed with a special tape. All plumbing and structural intrusions are also sealed. We then use ram sets to permanently affix the vapor barrier to the foundation wall. When used with our ventilation system you are providing your home with the best protection available.


Did you know that one major cause of moisture in your crawlspace is condensation? This occurs because with traditional vent fans, air is drawn from outside. In the winter cold outside air is drawn into warmer air inside the home, in the summer the opposite occurs. When warm air meets cold air you get condensation. In addition the small 6” duct fans just don’t move enough air to keep the crawl space dry. We can install a ventilation system to address these issues. First we use a fan that is strong enough for your application (typically 90-125 cfm). Then we use floor registers instead of a vent to the outside to provide air return. Not only does this prevent condensation, it causes a slight negative pressure in the basement to keep any unwanted contaminants from exhausting into your living area. When used with a sealed vapor barrier you have the most effective and economical solution to mold available.


Sometimes the only way to control moisture in a home is with the use of drains. When most people think of a drain system, they think of a perforated pipe, with a fitted sock over it, buried in the ground. Let us design a drainage system that not only works now, but will continue to protect your investment years into the future.